Posts of Reponsibility
 Post  Person  Details
David McCormack
Deputy Principals:
Clodagh Ward
  Glenda Dowling  

Ronan McCabe
 Programme Co-Ordinator:
Eamon Ryan
 Assistant Principals 1: 
Isobel Dalgarno Year Head 1st Year
  Thersa Tighe
Year Head 2nd Year
  Patricia Keane Year Head 3rd Year
  Caron Finlay Year Head 5th Year
  Jim Rattigan Year Head 6th Year
  Clare Kenny  Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator 
  Elaine Gillick  LCAP Co-Ordinator/Teaching & Learning Co-Ordinator
  Eamon Mulvihill ICT Co-Ordinator
  Cian Carty Academic Tracking/New Staff Induction
 Assistant Principals 2: Claire Doyle
Co-Ordinator of Student Leadership 
  Shea Farrell Co-Ordinator of Positive Behaviour Management 
  Mary Goold
Co-Ordinator of Green Schools
  Lesley Vivash Attendance Officer
  Adrian Guinan 
PR Co-Ordinator 
  Theresa Payne 
Faith Development & Promotion Co-Ordinator
  Brenda Breen
Well-Being Co-Ordinator
  Sarah Butler
SSE Co-Ordinator